The owners have already said goodbye to their dog, but after a year and a half, the incredible happened…

The death of their daughter was a terrible tragedy for the Willis family living in Brooklyn. All that somehow connected with her was a brown and white husky named Sinatra. But one day he disappeared. The inconsolable parents were sure that they would never see their dog again. But they could not have imagined that an incredible surprise awaited them!

Sinatra was a 14th birthday present for their daughter Zion. The girl, who loved to dance and was madly in love with animals, took a liking to the dog with all her heart. The dog answered the same, and from the very first days a close emotional connection was established between them. This went on for about two years, but then a terrible misfortune befell the family.

Zion was found dead in an apartment in the Bronx. The girl died as a result of a shot, and the inconsolable parents could not believe that their 16-year-old daughter was no longer alive. Their consolation was Sinantra, but this joy did not last long. A few days after Zion’s death, the dog disappeared!

Heartbroken people mentally said goodbye to the pet, but after a year and a half, the incredible happened!

They received a message on the social network, which said that a dog was found, and he is in Florida! The stunned father of the girl replied to the letter, and people sent him a photo. The picture showed a brown and white husky, which the man easily recognized as their lost dog!

Happy Thanksgiving !

But what happened? One morning, a young Florida woman named Rose Verrill saw a purebred dog walking around. The girl was very surprised and decided to take her to her house. Rose’s mother realized that the dog had owners, so she began to think about how to find them.

The first thing she and her friend Jean went to the vet. The pet was microchipped, but establishing the owner’s name proved difficult. People managed to find out only the surname, but this was not enough to understand who owns the dog. It was also not possible to find a phone, so the women decided to turn to the social network for help.

When they finally came across the owner of the dog, they couldn’t believe their eyes — the man lived in another state! How could a husky be almost 2,000 kilometers from home?!

A year and a half later, the owners and their beloved pet met again, and it happened on Thanksgiving Day!One can only imagine how touching, with tears of joy in the eyes, this meeting was!

We really hope that for people who have lost their daughter, Sinatra will become at least a small consolation and the thread that connects them with Zion!