A clever design student has created a way to turn old billboards inexpensive shelters for street dogs!

Thailand is home to beautiful beaches, a rich culture, magnificent temples,delicious cuisine…and millions of stray dogs. Like many countries, Thailand is home to countless stray animals that roam the streets and do their best to survive and survive.

According to Four Paws International, the stray dog problem has been propelled by Buddhist culture, where people can earn merit by feeding strays, as well as “very limited low-cost neutering opportunities in most communities.”

Because of this, millions of stray dogs are born on the streets of Thailand every year, and there just aren’t enough homes for everyone.

To help out these street dogs,a clever design student has created a way to turn old billboards that would otherwise end up in the landfill into collapsible, inexpensive shelters for street dogs!

The designer, Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen,came up with the idea during his PhD program and it seems to be a huge success so far. The company he works with to make the shelters shared pictures of the designs on Instagram and they even have their own Facebook group.According to Medium, there have been around 20 shelters designed for dogs placed in various parts of the city.

Essentially, they act as an umbrella or a small tent for dogs to protect them from the elements. When the shelters are not in use, simply fold them up and secure them to the wall to take up very little public space.

It’s an added bonus that the shelters also prevent giant pieces of billboards from being wasted!