Jail is the smallest punishment for the people who treat dogs like that…

The facts are dated November 10, 2020. 6 puppies were seized in a terrible state from an illegal dog farm. 3 babies had their ears cut off and were in terrible pain. Three people were sentenced to prison terms.

Staffordshire police in the UK detained Alexander David Johnson, Ryan Woodward and Michael Nolan at a property in Hanley following the report.

At the scene, the police also found 6 puppies, aged 8 to 10 weeks, in poor condition. 3 of them were in a coma after being injected with an anesthetic, with which their ears were cut off.

Therefore, the police station called the RSPCA for help to return the fangs and give them the necessary assistance. The veterinarian treated injuries during surgery and gave painkillers as well as antibiotics to the unfortunate to ease their suffering.

At the scene, investigators found irrefutable evidence. There really was everything necessary for a covert operation.

“In one package were syringes, needles,surgical scissors and blades, as well as 3 empty vials of 10 mg Sedivet for horses, an empty vial of ketamine, forceps and a stapler with blood. There were also 2 pairs of black latex gloves and bloody paper towels,” Inspector Bethel said.

The three men pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. Alexander David Johnson was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison and fined $1,000.

Ryan Woodward was sentenced to 19 weeks in jail and paid the same amount, while Michael Nolan will be jailed for 14 weeks and will have to pay $500.