A little cat wearing slippers made of his own fur is going viral on social media…

This adorable, little cat wearing slippers made of his own fur is going viral on social media.

The mother of an adorable feline in Japan decided to take advantage of her pet’s hair and use her creativity to put the fallen fur to good use. Now Minira, as this cat is named, is enjoying a charming, exclusive bootie design made from her own hair, and the result has quickly gone viral on social media.

The cat’s collected fur was stored by the woman, and she then decided it would be nice to give him a present, using the felting method of repeatedly sticking a special needle into a roll of fur on a cushion or a cushion. Needle barbs help bind fibers together to create a larger body.

The owner turns his cat’s leftover fur into slippers.

The woman wrote on her Twitter account:

I made slippers with fur that I removed for my little cat and they are so cute lol. The feeling of size…his feet are sticking out…I can’t handle it…hahaha!

The cat with the slippers made with its own fur is viral on the Internet.

When placed next to her mom’s, Minira’s slippers are so small and adorable, it’s impossible not to look cute.

They even feature a cat face on the front, so there’s no doubt who these furry miniatures belong to.

Dog and cat fur can be felted because they have scales on their hair shafts, and the same felting method can also be applied to their fur, according to Boredpanda.

Of course, this takes some practice and time, it should be noted that the result may not be as smooth as when using wool or other special hairs for this.

And although the feline was a bit taken aback by her mother’s antics with the felt hat and the curious slippers, Minira is truly a very happy cat loved by everyone in her home.