The true images of celebrities without makeup. Is this “ideality” that we see on the faces of the stars real?

“True Face”: 10 stars who decided to show themselves without makeup Of course, when you have money, you can look perfect. But is this “ideality” that we see on the faces of the stars real?

Paparazzi photos catching celebrities at the wrong time tell us that without makeup, our singers and actors are ordinary people. Today we invite you to look at the truthful images of idols and make sure that we are not all without flaws.

However, some are still close to perfect, what is it – genetics or good care?

Y. Kovalchuk

By the way, the singer often posts quite natural photos on her page. She’s not afraid to come off as real, and she does the right thing because she looks great.


The actress seems to have stopped time and does not change at all with age. But, of course, if you look at her photo without makeup at all, you can see the first signs of aging.


For Olga Buzova, photography without makeup is a rarity. Basically, the star is always on parade. But you can’t say she’s ashamed of herself.

Mr. Pfeiffer

Michelle in ordinary life looks like the simplest woman, and not a world-class star.


Of course, all of us with makeup, filters, and Photoshop queens. But when a ballerina shows herself without all this, then only one name of her beauty remains.

D. Moore

She is beautiful both on the red carpet and at home. Even with wrinkles, she is perfect.

N. Vodianova

In everyday life, Natalia does not look like a famous model at all, the most ordinary girl.

T. Swinton

Tilda always looks brilliant, even if she’s just walking down the street. This is its advantage.

I. Allegrova

Whose grandmother do you think? No, a star who is still on stage!

Mr. Bellucci

The actress is aging very well, many celebrities must take a cue from her.