The new kind of taxi service… A driver and his squirrel are inseparable…

Taxi driver Pyotr Pankratov came out like a squirrel when he served in the army. Now Masik lives in his car, plays with the little passengers and even acts in films.The taxi driver always drives with his beloved squirrel.

Petr Pankratov had a squirrel before he even started riding

The nice guy served in the army, and other soldiers brought him an unusual animal. Peter couldn’t leave the little squirrel. On August 5, it will be two years since they brought him. They found him in the morning, and in the evening they brought him to him. He had worms in his mouth and right eye.

But after two weeks, everything was already fine

For two weeks he gave her baby food and milk. Then he started eating on his own. The guy says that despite the myth that a squirrel cannot become a pet, Masik quickly became completely tame.

He always took it with him

Masik has a standard route at home: he ate and slept. From the kitchen or under the covers, or in the closet. The cute likes to sleep with him, near his neck. He is independent. There are no better animals.

Peter admits that not everyone in his car knows he is traveling with a squirrel

He doesn’t show it to everyone. If the little ones are already traveling, you can show them. The driver is calm on aspects of a squirrel’s hour-long car journeys.