An unbelievable story of one common family in Czech Republic…

When twins appear in a family, this is always a very exciting event for parents, and for all relatives. But it happens that fate can reward some families even more! More recently, in one of the cities in the Czech Republic,twins were born, the birth of which caused a real sensation.

One wonderful girl, Alexandra Kinova, was incredibly happy when she found out that she was pregnant. The pregnancy was uneventful, the girl was active and full of energy. Having gone to one of the planned ultrasounds, Sasha finds out that she will become the mother of more than one child.

Her happiness increased. The news was not shocking, because twins had been born in their family before, and she and her husband are only happy about this.

But that wasn’t all the news. When the gestation period was longer, Sasha again goes for an ultrasound scan and it turns out that they will have four children! But even here the family was very happy, and decided to prepare more seriously and thoroughly for the meeting with the children.

Sasha regularly visited the doctor, all scheduled examinations and examinations. And at one of these events it turns out that a woman has five babies under her heart! The girl cried with happiness, because not every woman on Earth has such a mission. And such a number of twins is born very rarely, once in 500 years.

Everyone prepared for childbirth very seriously, both parents and medical staff. After all, they all had a huge job ahead of them. Doctors from all over the Czech Republic came to this hospital to witness such a miracle.

The birth of these babies was followed by the whole country.

The happy family had four sons and one daughter. The children were named: Daniel, Michael, Martin, Alex and Teresa.

Happy parents at that time received many gifts and congratulations from both the inhabitants of the Czech Republic and the state.