The thief was caught red-handed… The owners decided to find out who it was by setting up cameras…

Aivar is an adorable dog who lives with Chrissa Wright and her parents.The cute dog has proven himself from the best side for a long time, so the family does not have a soul in him, and he is undoubtedly a part of this family.

Aivar was always a kind and obedient «boy», so when the owners discovered that food began to disappear, they were indescribably surprised. To be more precise, it was not potatoes or even fragrant oranges that disappeared, but dried meat. Someone obviously liked it, and the owners decided to find out who it was!

Having prepared all the necessary equipment, the family waited with bated breath. And soon dad’s phone rang! The man saw that their dog Aivar was in the kitchen!

He busily turned around, put his paws on the table and, quite possibly, would have grabbed the jerky, but at that moment, dad’s voice was heard from the speakers, who frightened off the four-legged thief. Aivar was simply in shock, and, of course, the «boy» lost all desire to steal anything!

However, despite the fact that the dog already knows that he can be followed, the jerky still goes missing! At least someone ate two packets of yummy at the same time when the camera was turned off.

And yet the owners cannot believe that it is Aivar who eats food in their absence. They joke that if you haven’t been caught, then it’s definitely not a thief, because the camera did not record traces of an obvious crime! And if so, then there is nothing to blame the gluttonous dog.

Well, we are sure that the owners know who is the thief in the house, but they love their pet with all their heart. And, of course, they do not feel sorry for the meat for their beloved Aivar!