No one expecting a dog would do such a daring thing to avoid hell…

The 15-minute video shows the courage shown by Charlie, the dog of the Stump family. To avoid the flames, there was no other option than to jump into the void on the second floor and rely on the Good Samaritans, who begged him to trust them.

The small town of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, USA, had an eventful morning on April 27, 2022. Just before 8 a.m., a fire broke out in an apartment building, trapping the house’s animals in the foyer flames. Luckily, Justin Steinmetz, a 40 -year -old resident on site at the time, quickly sounded the alarm to the area and firefighters. “I was first on the scene,” he told the New York Post, still in shock.

Long, agonizing minutes of fighting the flames followed to get the animals home to safety. No one expected that Charlie, a Rottweiler mix, would do such a daring thing to avoid hell.

Feat filmed by Justin Steinmetz

The Good Samaritan had the reflex to film the entire scene, much to the delight of netizens. First, we find the first dog of the Pen family, which is selected from the first floor of the house. This one seems more panicked than relieved. And in vain! His companion Charlie is still stuck inside.

Just then, Justin notices him sitting in the second floor window. The escaping smoke leaves little hope that the unfortunate person has been given time to escape.

«Come on, Charlie! Jump, one of the neighbors shouts to him.

It will take firefighters 30 minutes to bring the fire under control. Katie Stump, 18 year old girl, also found one of the two house cats safe and sound. However, the other is still missing.

The whole family found refuge with close relatives.