The only brown panda in the world who was kicked out by the entire panda pack, in now living happily in Panda Valley

Being one of a kind is not always as happy and lucky as it seems.

Especially when it comes to wild animals. The stunning appearance comes with considerable problems. Just like this adorable brown panda.

Pandas were wonderful animals. And even they are good in old age. They are very funny and kind, but sometimes they cause trouble.

This story was about this wonderful panda named Qizai.

The wonderful panda Qizai is also different from others from birth. Due to a very rare genetic condition, the adorable animal was born with brown and white fur instead of the usual black and white pandas. The consequences for the red panda were rather sad.

He was not only abandoned by his own mother when he was only a few months old, but also kicked out by the entire panda pack.

The only brown panda in the world lives happily in Panda Valley But, luckily for Qizai, he was lucky when he was found and rescued by a group of kind people.

Thanks to them, Qizai’s life has changed drastically and he is now living the happy life he always deserved.

Qizai, whose name translates to “seventh son”, was born in a nature reserve in the Qingling Mountains in central China. His mother was a black and white panda, he was born brown, leaving researchers completely puzzled.

Qizai now has his own panda valley where he lives peacefully. Foping Panda Valley in China’s Shaanxi Province is where the world’s only brown panda indulges in its favorite food and is surrounded by endless love and tenderness. He has a personal caretaker, He Xin, 26, a native of Foping. He also thinks his four-legged friend is the cutest panda in the world.