A smart service dog helped to save 7 little kittens’ lives

Let us introduce Banner, a smart service dog. Banner can help not only his disabled owner Whitney Braley, but also other animals in distress.

Banner is a three-year-old husky who Whitney can help his owner with a multitude of things. “It warns you in case of anxiety, helps you find medication and get around.” Whitney and Banner do everything to rescue and care for animals in distress.

“Banner is very fond of kittens an we try to help animals in need. Nearly two years ago, we found a kitten in a ditch”. Recently, Banner found seven tiny newborn kittens in a sealed box in the forest. He alerted Whitney and managed to show him that box in the forest. Banner opened the box, picked up the kittens with his mouth, and pulled them to safety one by one.

“The person who left them probably thought no one would be able to find them. I can’t imagine how people can be so cruel. The kittens were so cold and could not even meow”. Banner felt the kittens. The owner said he wanted to find good, loving family for the kittens.