The navy rescued four stranded cats from sinking ship…

On March 2, 2021, at a distance of thirteen kilometers from the coast of the island of Koh Adang in the Andaman Sea, a ship caught fire and sank! The trawler Phamonsin Nava 10 was sinking, and the crew, saving their own lives, jumped overboard. But for some reason, no one remembered about the animals that remained on the ship …

The fishermen escaped, and four cats, clinging to each other in fear, huddled on a small piece of “land”. The wooden section of the ship was still above the water, and it was only thanks to this fact that the purrs survived.

And then the navy intervened in history. The sailors went to check if there was an oil spill at the wreck of the trawler. And then the guys noticed four cats, who were waiting for death in horror!

One of the sailors immediately put on a life jacket, jumped into the sea and swam towards the animals.He could not even allow the thought that the cats would die. True, the young man had to swim with each of the four cats separately, olding them tightly on his shoulders. Fellow sailors were waiting for him along with the rescued pets on board and hurried to help.

Luckily, none of the cats were harmed, which is a miracle in itself. At the moment they live in the command post, and they are taken care of by sailors who have become real heroes.

A post with a story about the rescue operation, posted on Facebook, has collected thousands of comments!

Thanks to the brave sailor for saving the cats!