The smallest dog in the world is full of life and has the most generous nature…

When Hope was born in Quebec, Canada, she weighed only 2 ounces and weighed less than 2 pounds.

He was devastated when the doctor told Rodney McLean that Hope had dwarfism and couldn’t live longer than 48 hours.The father of the “smallest dog in the world” was ready to do “anything” to save her.

The “smallest dog in the world” began to mature: her father was ready to do “anything” to protect her.

But what unfolded as a horrifying process turned into an incredible little animal!

Not only did she manage to overcome her low initial health, but she began to mature.

A year passed, Hope had grown into an adorable 11 oz puppy. As an adult dog, she should weigh up to 13 pounds.

Rodney discusses a special diet he put on Hope. The little girl thinks she’s a regular dog and just wants to play and play all day.

Rodney put her in a pen so she could play confidently with her wobbly ball.

Although she has a small stature, you can see that she is full of life and has the most generous nature.

We commend Rodney for his outstanding treatment of this cute little miracle. Hope is an adorable dog who has been known as the smallest in the world!

We want her to have long-term health and happiness.