No one can pass by a new «Grumpy Cat» which is gaining worldwide popularity!

Last year, the sad news spread around the world that the famous «Grumpy Cat» (Grumpy Cat) named Tartar Sauce went to the «rainbow». The fans, whom the purr had a great many, could not believe that they would never see their favorite again.

Who would have thought that another creature with a disgruntled muzzle would soon appear, which is already gaining worldwide popularity!

Meet Meow Meow — a cat living on the island of Taiwan! She has such a displeased expression on her “face” that she is able to surpass even the famous Tartar Sauce!

An owner named Claire, who was lucky enough to have such a cat, said that she noticed her at the shelter when Meow Meow was a little less than a year old. Someone left it there for completely incomprehensible reasons. Naturally, the woman could not pass by such a miracle, so she soon took her to her house.

Claire admits that the appearance does not reflect the nature of the cat, since in fact she is very affectionate and kind. True, like any purr, she has her own habits.

For example, a cat loves to eat very much, but at the same time it is very picky in food.After a hearty meal, the cat usually washes and sits in front of the window to watch the birds.At the same time, she still has the same displeased look that makes people smile.

Well, we can safely say that the new Grumpy Cat will gain a lot of fans around the world, and we wish her good luck in this!