Entire train dedicated to dogs and their owners. A “pet-friendly” service from Japan Railways…

In Japan, the railway company operating the high-speed train lines has dedicated an entire car to dogs and their owners. The canines were thus able to make a very pleasant journey not in a transport cage, but on the knees of their humans.

Usually, dogs traveling on one of the Japanese bullet trains must do so inside their transport crates. Last weekend, around twenty lucky canids exceptionally had the right to take a trip outside the cage, with their owners.An experience crowned with success and which could therefore announce many others, reports France Live this Monday, May 23.

A car was actually dedicated to them on Saturday, May 21 in a Shinkansen from the Japan Railways rail company. Chihuahuas, Poodles, Welsh Corgi Pembrokes, Shiba Inus and other Dwarf Spitz have thus remained free alongside their owners, after boarding at Ueno station in Tokyo for an hour -long journey. The latter took them to Karuizawa, a town located in Nagano prefecture northwest of the Japanese capital.

This initiative of the company Japan Railways was launched in response to the growing demand for “pet-friendly” services from owners of pets and more specifically dogs.

The masters who made this trip were delighted to spare their 4 -legged friends the stress and cramped conditions of the transport cage. The animals themselves seemed relaxed.

Impeccable comfort and hygiene

Everything was planned to ensure the safety of users and their companions, as well as the cleanliness of the premises. The seats were covered with plastic film and air purifiers had been installed in the car. After the trip, a thorough cleaning was carried out to remove dog hair.

Japan Railways could renew this exercise and see to what extent it could generalize it.

The Shinkansen, these Japanese high-speed trains, circulate in the 4 corners of the country at a maximum speed of 320 km/h, but their reputation is not only due to their performance in this area. They are also known all over the world for their high levels of hygiene and comfort. The 21 dogs on Saturday were able to appreciate this directly.