Losing a dog is as painful as losing a member of the family…

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows can state that the dog is a member of the family.

And of cause the death of an animal is too difficult for owners. And it is the same whether the animal died suddenly or of an illness, it is always too difficult to accept it.

Some peoplecan advice you “deal with it” or tell you that “it’s just a dog.” These people don’t understand what it’s like to lose a pet. They do not know that the pet was a member of a family.And the owner’s pain is awful.

A scientific study shows that the grieving process a person goes through after losing a pet is very real.

Sometims it is much more difficult to lose a pet than the loss of a human being.

This may sound crazy to some, but that’s just one of the findings of the study.

We are connected to animals in the same way as humans. When we interact with animals or people, hormones and chemicals are released in our brain, and we feel connected and loved. And we naturally feel a deep loss.

There is no “acceptable” way to mourn this loss that is why is it more difficult to deal with the death of a pet than that of a human being.

When we lose a family member or loved one, first of all the community help us to overcome a difficult period and their kind words can help ease the pain .

When a pet dies, we don’t have the same supportand we must just continue our life. Often we return to work immediately and life as if nothing had happened.

We feel them in our house or in the yard. Certain noises can lead us to think that we hear their everywhere.

Sometimes people have to make the difficult decision to end a dog’s suffering. It’s a human decision, but it doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier. Pets are members of our family. And by losing a pet we understand what is the heartache.

What you are going through is understandable. Even science agrees.