A biker saved an abused and abandoned dog on the side of the road, and the dog’s life has changed forever

A biker saves an abused and abandoned dog on the side of the road, decides to pull over, and the dog’s life is changed forever.

One day, while driving, motorcyclist and musician Brandon Turnbow saw something he refused to believe.He was on his bike when he saw a man running over a dog on the side of the road and decided to stop, changing the dog’s life forever.

It was just another day on the bike as Brandon searched for his dad. He saw a vehicle pull out of the road.He assumed the man needed help, so he ducked behind him.

However, the motorist was surprised to find that he had hit someone in the truck. The man suddenly threw what appeared to be a white puppy out of the truck and immediately fled.

Brandon then stopped and looked at the dog. He knew that if he left the poor animal alone, he would be in trouble and could die. He called him Mr. Davidson and put him on his motorcycle.

They spent the day on the road before heading home, and when Brandon met his father, he was surprised to see that his son had found a furry friend on the road.

They eventually got back together, and he kept an eye on Mr. Davidson the whole trip. After a long journey of 45 miles, Mr Davidson has arrived at his new home, Brandon having decided to stay with him permanently.

Thanks to Brandon, Mr. Davidson is now happy and has a home, and without Brandon, the abandoned dog on the side of the road would have been unhappy.