The little dog’s unusual behavior saved the owner’s life…

“My dog Cleo, my baby, definitely saved my life.”

“She was trying to tell me something. Without any doubt, my little dog Cleo felt a lump in my chest, Miss Richards said that if she hadn’t found it, I don’t think I would have ever known about it.Once the diagnosis is made, it is time for treatment.”

After 8 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the Royal Derby Hospital,whom she knew well from volunteering for 3 years, owner Cleo was given the choice between lumpectomy, mammography and inactivity.“I chose lumpectomy,” admitted the protagonist of this story.

The operation, which consists in removing the part of the breast where the tumor is located, was a great success. Brenda Richards is off the hook.

“I’m afraid of what would have happened if Cleo hadn’t behaved the way she did,” the elder added, “despite my fears, when cancer appeared, I overcame it in the blink of an eye, because the tumor was detected at an early stage. My dog Cleo,my baby, definitely saved my life.»