Is it possible to find a true love at 73. A woman claims everything is possible…

A woman from Ventura, California says she found her soul mate at the age of 73. Her name is Karol Mak. Mac, who has worked as a nurse, lawyer and educator, shared a tweet about finding true love at 73 during the pandemic.

“Life is so strange. After 40 years of marriage, I never imagined that I would be single again at 70. And certainly did not expect to find true love at 73 in the midst of a pandemic! “, she wrote.

The woman also shared a photo of her engagement ring. Mac said she’s tried all the dating apps, but was only “lucky” with the latest one.

“I posted my profile and there were a lot of responses, but I found a good one, he was a man my age, who worked as a university professor like me and with a similar religious tradition. This can’t be a coincidence! “, she added.

Mac’s post has over a million likes and gives hope to many who are still looking for love. “You give me hope. I’m 36 and unmarried. Some people think I’m too old to find the right guy,” one user wrote.

Agree that this is a clear example of the fact that all ages are subject to love.