Chihuahua that only understands Spanish… It turned out to be perfectly disciplined…

At the orphanage, we did not understand why Max didn’t follow orders. Like the couple who adopted him, but a few weeks after he returned home, the mystery was out. This Chihuahua was not at all stubborn and naughty.

The dog, which was considered stubborn because it did not obey any commands, turned out to be, on the contrary, perfectly disciplined. He was simply educated in another language.

Kalee McGee explains that she and her boyfriend adopted Max, a 4-year-old Chihuahua, from a shelter without knowing any information about his past.

The four-legged friend has always been distinguished by exemplary behavior, walked well on a leash and sat down when he was given a treat, but did not obey a single verbal command. Max clearly received a quality education, but for some reason the spouses still did not know this, he did not respond to commands.

Max’s only mistake: he’s not bilingual

A few weeks later, Kaylie McGee and her boyfriend finally understood their dog’s attitude. Max is not stubborn, let alone rebellious; he knows all the basic commands and obeys them perfectly, but he just learned them in Spanish, and his new owners spoke to him in English.

Since then, there are no more communication problems between the Chihuahua and his people. Everyone is much happier.