These guys were truly heroes. Four boys helped to rescue a homeless dog tied to the wall of the house

These little boys had gone far enough to save a dog in need. They have proven by their step that there is always light at the end of darkness.

The four boys were brothers,they helped one of the residents who was returning home to encounter this scene which would shock any adult. They found a homeless dog tied to the wall of the house, the poor animal was in very bad condition,he was thin and shivering with cold.

The children realized the animal needed immediate help and wrapped the dog in a winter coat to keep him warm before releasing him from the irons.

Then they took the animal, gave it food and water. The incident was reported to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. He was taken to a vet for examination.

These guys were truly heroes. They later rescued two more dogs. Again, with the help of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, they were able to take the dogs down the street to a vet for treatment.

They are truly an example for everyone and it is impossible not to be proud of them.