A cat became a “seeing eye” for a blind dog and now they’ve found a new home and family

Cats and dogs ara not friends of couse. But sometimes they are best friends and even help each other. Now we have a situation when a cat became a “seeing eye” for a blind dog. The dog navigates the world with the help of his cat.

After their owner realized they could no longer care for them, this pair became in difficult situation. The pair had been living in a covered shelter outside, but bad and cold winter temperatures made it clear Spike and Max deserved a cozy place for life.

“We got a call. We were told that because of cold weather the dog and this cat had not the right quality of life,” the shelter’s executive director, Erin Deems, recalled. When they arrived at the house, they found th ed og and a cat, hugging each other in order to keep warm.

Deems continued. “They follow each other everywhere, they do everything together and they sleep together.”

That was difficult to find this loving pair a new home together. That is because people often hesitate to adopt older animals –let alone two 8-year-old pets–but the shelter was willing to wait for the right family.

“They came in as friends and we must find the same home for them,” Deems said.

This heartwarming story was widely shared on Facebook. Due to it they found a “perfect” family for them.

Spike & Max have new famoly and leave for home with their new owner, who loves them! They’ve found the new family in Manitoba.