What causes cats misbehaviour? There are three main reasons…

Who will understand our smaller brothers? Either they are harmful and naughty, or they purr and are drawn to caresses. There are days when cats can arrange a toilet in the middle of the room, they can pluck a house flower or even gnaw the edges of chairs or sofas.

Many may think that this is how cats express their displeasure or resentment, but this is not at all the case. Everything is simple…

What is the cause of bad cat behavior?

There are three main reasons why a cat misbehaves:

1. Stress

2. Attracting attention.

3. Fright of another cat.

For example, the cat began to constantly arrange a «toilet» on the carpet or on the floor. This signal needs to be taken seriously. The owners must understand that this is a call and something worries the pet. Cats have no reason to poop everywhere. These are clean animals. Most often, cats thus give the owners a signal that they have a serious illness.

Consider example number two. Most often, cats like to sit on the highest place in the house. There they feel comfortable and safe. It is not advised to leave leftover food on the table. If the cat has a habit of climbing on the table, it should be weaned from this.

It is advised to spray the cat with a spray bottle, which will make him scared and will no longer jump onto the table.

Cats are animals. In addition, most importantly, what drives them is not the motives of behavior, like in humans, but instincts!

We advise you to understand your cat before scolding and resenting him!